Conditions of Entry

For the health, safety and wellbeing of Artists, Patrons (Ticket Holders), Visitors and Staff, patrons acknowledge and agree to abide by the Palais Theatre’s Conditions of Entry and that Venue Management may revoke any patron’s right to enter or remain within the Palais Theatre, should that patron be intoxicated, bring any prohibited item in to the venue, not have a valid ticket or pass, behave in an anti-social manner, or refuse to abide by any Venue Management instruction.

In relation to COVID 19, Palais Theatre reserves its right to refuse entry or to eject individuals from the venue in the following non-exhaustive circumstances (as updated from time to time):

  • Failure to comply with social distancing requirements
  • Failure to comply with any government guidance, State directives or legislation with regards to COVID 19 or any other relevant health directives
  • Failure to complete individual contact tracing information via Service Victoria site. (QR code access at venue entry)
  • Failure to comply with any other COVID 19 measures implemented by venue management from time to time
  • Patrons acknowledge that venue management can implement measures to mitigate against the transfer of Covid-19 but cannot completely remove the risk.
  • By entering the Palais Theatre, patrons agree that their image, likeness, or voice may be used as part of any photograph or recording of the event.
  • Patrons are advised the Palais Theatre is fitted with electronic surveillance.
  • Palais Theatre is strictly a smoke free venue including e-cigarettes.
  • Palais Theatre is a cashless venue and will only accept payments via card or contactless device.
  • Reusable drink bottles need to be empty (there are free water stations in the Venue).

Patrons entering the Palais Theatre, do so at their own risk and acknowledge and agree the Palais Theatre has no liability for any damaged, lost or stolen property, nor for any other loss, damage or injury suffered, whether in contract, tort or statutory liability to the full extent permitted by law.

Prohibited items
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal substances including controlled, dangerous, or illicit drugs
  • Incendiary devices (laser lights, flares, fireworks, smoke bombs and the like)
  • Firearms, explosives, chemical, radioactive, or biological substances
  • Eskies, backpacks, and any bag larger than 30x30cm
  • Aerosol cans of any nature
  • Animals (other than Assistance Dogs)
  • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and roller blades/skates
  • Cameras including DSLR, mirrorless or any cameras with a detachable lens    
  • Audio recording devices or video cameras
  • Large electronic devices such as laptops and iPads
  • Musical instruments, camera tripods, chairs or stools
  • Cans, glass or metal bottles
  • Hot food/meals
  • Posters, banners or flags
  • Large umbrellas, prams, pushers, and strollers
  • Any other item that, in the opinion of Venue Management, could cause harm or public nuisance
Liquor Licensing Rules

It is a condition of entry into events that a search of person or possessions may be required.

No alcohol, glass or metal containers or opened drink containers (including water) can be brought into the venue.

No alcohol is permitted to be taken outside of the venue.

You are welcome to bring unopened non-alcoholic drinks into the theatre.

Plastic water bottles will need to be emptied but can be refilled at our free water stations located in both downstairs and upstairs foyer.

Palais Theatre strictly adheres to Responsible Serving of Alcohol practices. Patrons may be asked to provide ID to purchase alcohol. Patrons deemed to be intoxicated and/or affected by drugs will not be served alcohol, and may be removed from the venue or refused entry. Bars will be open until after the interval, or at the latest, 30 minutes prior to the end of the scheduled event time.

Show Times

Please note that the time stated on your ticket is the time the show starts. Doors open 1 hour prior to the show. Please allow enough time to find parking and enter the Venue. For event running times please go to the event page.

We will update the show times on the event page as soon as we have been advised by the artist. If no show times are listed, it is because we have not received the times and will list them as soon as they arrive. Sometimes we don't find out show times until the day of the event. Please check the event page for updates. 

If you do not wish to watch the Support Artist you can arrive at the Main Artist start time as listed on the event page. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time to allow for any running time changes that may occur.

If you are late, there is no lock-out but you won't be seated until a suitable break in the performance.

The Palais Theatre makes every effort to provide accurate information on this website, but cannot be responsible for changes, cancellations or postponements relating to events at this venue.

In the Auditorium

Mobile telephones and other electronic devices are to be turned off during the performance.

All patrons must enter the auditorium via the area stated on their ticket (Orchestra, Stalls, Lounge or Dress Circle) and must sit in the seat allocated to them as stated on their ticket.

Please check your ground level seating area carefully as Orchestra and Stalls both have rows A-W.

For your safety, seating in the Lounge Rows A-D, is strictly no standing or dancing, as stated on your ticket, and at point of purchase.

The aisles must be clear at all times during the performance, due to safety regulations.

For everyone's enjoyment of the performance, standing and dancing in front of your seat will be assessed by Palais Theatre Staff on an event by event basis.

If the majority of patrons in a certain area are standing, patrons will be allowed to stand. However, if at any time the enjoyment of the performance for other patrons is inhibited by patrons standing, these patrons will be required to remain seated or may be offered an alternative place to dance. Patrons are simply asked to be considerate of the enjoyment of the people around them.

Where a patron feels that their enjoyment of the performance is being compromised in any way, please see a Palais Theatre staff member immediately so that a solution to your problem can be found in order for you to enjoy the rest of the performance, rather than waiting until after the show has concluded.

Any patron found behaving in a manner that threatens the safety of the performers, staff or other patrons or reasonably interferes with the other patron's enjoyment of the performance, will be removed from the venue.

Fan signs are permitted at shows. Signs must not be bigger than A2, must be soft card, must be able to be folded up and stored under your seat if requested, must be put down if obstructing the view of other patrons. Please use common courtesy towards the patrons around you, should you bring a sign to the venue. Our staff may ask you to put your sign down if it is interfering with other patron's enjoyment of the performance.

Latecomers will not be admitted until a suitable break during the performance.

Photography & Video



  • Small hand-held personal cameras and mobile phones.

Not Permitted

  • Professional or large cameras (including those with SLR capabilities) and cameras with detachable lenses.
  • Audio recorders.
  • Video recorders.
  • Strictly no flash photography.

If brought to the venue, you may be asked to place these items in your car or elsewhere before entering the venue.
There are no cloaking facilities at the venue.


Some artists request strictly no photography, filming or audio recording INCLUDING mobile phones.

As soon as we find out the artists’ requirements it will be included on the event page. Occasionally the venue will not find this information out until the afternoon of the event. We always put clear signage around the venue to alert patrons if an artist has a strict no photography policy.

Please note that camera policies are not set by the venue, they are at the request of the artist themselves. As such we trust that you will respect their wishes.


The Palais Theatre is not available for any photography, video or interview requests at the moment. This includes projects such as personal portfolios, history projects, school assignments, weddings or events.


If you would like to hire the venue for a commercial project please see our Venue Bookings page.

Cloak Room

Due to Covid-19 the Cloak Room is currently unavailable. Please avoid bringing large or bulky items to the theatre e.g. (Large umbrellas, items larger than A4, motor bike helmets etc.) 

An update will be provided when the Cloak Room is operational again.

All-ages Venue

The Palais Theatre is an all-ages venue.

If an artist, manager or promoter deems an event to be unsuitable for under 18s this will be clearly stated in the event’s information.

It is preferred that under 14's are accompanied by a suitable adult.

Parents of first-time concert-goers are welcome to speak to one of our staff members on the night, where they will then be directed to a Manager on Duty should there be any queries or concerns. Please also ensure your child speaks to one of our ushers should they have any concerns on the night.

If arranging drop offs/pick ups, all event times are listed on our website. Please check on the day to ensure this information is as up to date as possible. Please note, all times are approximate and are subject to change by the artist.

Young Children & Babies

All patrons over 12 months require a ticket to enter the theatre unless clearly stated otherwise.

Children under 12 months can enter without a ticket, as long as they do not occupy a seat and remain on an adult's lap. Please also note that prams are not permitted in the venue.  

For the protection of your child's hearing, it is a requirement, and condition of entry, that babies under 18 months wear ear protection for adult concerts/events (not including children specific productions). Kids Ear Protection.


Merchandise is available for most Palais Theatre shows, as organised by each event’s promoter. Sales are from the merchandise counter located on the Ground Level. For particularly busy shows a second counter may be opened.

Palais Theatre is a cashless venue, only EFTPOS is available. Merchandise can be accessed from the time of doors opening as per your event ticket.

Lost Property

Lost Property

All items reported to Palais Theatre as lost by patrons plus all items found in the Venue are recorded on a Lost and Found register.

All items, including left cloaked items, are kept in secure storage and remain at the Venue until claimed, or for a period of four weeks, whichever is sooner.

Every possible attempt is made to identify the owner of the found property and make contact with that person.

Unfortunately, we do end up with a large number of unclaimed items which we are unable to store indefinitely. After the four week period all unclaimed goods will either be disposed of or offered to local charities.

The Palais Theatre does not accept liability for items which have been left, or lost, at the theatre.
Unclaimed perishable goods are disposed of at the close of each business day.

Anyone requiring any further assistance or information should contact 03 8537 7677 between the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Dress Code

There is no dress code for the style of clothing, however patrons are required to be fully clothed, a top, bottoms and footwear must be worn at all times.

Please note that while we prefer patrons not to wear thongs, you will be admitted entry in thongs.