Customer Support Form HERE
All ticketing queries must go through our ticketing agent, Ticketmaster and not via the Theatre.
Due to COVID-19 all enquiries are via an online form and will be followed up by a Ticketmaster customer support member. There is no telephone support for ticketing enquiries. Please click HERE.
Refunds – Please contact Ticketmaster via their online form (see above.)
Is your event going ahead – We haven’t forgotten you. Promoters are still working hard to try to reschedule their events into future dates. It’s a huge process to try to find venues and dates to match up. Some of our events also have regional venues and are trying to move up to 60 dates. Every ticket purchaser will be contacted directly by Ticketmaster, firstly using the email address you booked your tickets with, secondly via sms if your email hasn’t been opened. You will be given the option to refund your ticket if you can’t make the new date. You can contact Ticketmaster via their online form (see above) but they won’t have any more information yet, or they would have contacted you already.
Show Times - Show times will be listed on our website as soon as we receive them. If they’re not listed on the event page, then we haven’t received them from the artist yet. Sometimes we don’t receive them until 3.00pm on the show day.
Seating Layout – If you want to find out more about the venue layout, we have a description of our seating areas here: Ticket Info & Maps Orchestra | Stalls | Lounge | Dress Circle.
Viagogo/Resellers – If you haven’t purchased tickets via Ticketmaster then there is no way to tell if your ticket is legitimate until you get to the theatre. If you get to the show on the night and your ticket isn’t valid, you will be given a letter from the Box Office and will be able to request a refund from Viagogo. In most instances there isn’t a problem. 
Venue Contact
The Palais Theatre:
Does not sell event tickets
Does not have a Box office, except on a show night
Does not sell accessible seating tickets
Does not answer ticketing queries
You must fill out Ticketmaster’s online form (see above.) 
You will find almost every possible query answered via our website's Your Visit section Ticket FAQs and Visit FAQs.
General enquiries can be emailed to –
The Palais Theatre venue has an answering service, please leave a message and someone will endeavor to respond within 72 hours - 03 8537 7677.

*Please note: The Palais Theatre office phone is unattended during Melbourne lockdowns. Please email your enquiry to If you leave a message our staff will endeavour contact you on their return to the office. 

Please do not call the Venue Hire number as they do not have any event information.
Street - Lower Esplanade, St Kilda
Postal - PO Box 1424, St Kilda South, Vic 3182
The Palais Theatre Box Office is only open on show nights. The Venue does not have a Box Office and the Venue staff do not have access to the ticketing system.